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How do you differ yourself from other online stores,
when everybdoy is trying to open a shopify account ? 
The number of choices customers have are increasing on
a daily basis, and it is getting harder for you to acquire and
maintain customers. We are the answer, fill out the form below
and let the magic begin

Sell More! At Upgain, we understand that your primary goal is to increase your number of sales. This is why we have partnered with several E-Commerce experts, people who have made more than six figures in their online stores, to help you get more online shoppers come your way. With the help of our experts, we optimize your Facebook campaigns and engage several other online campaigns to get you sales. We also strategize and create smart content that will build your company’s branding. No retargeting ads can beat the power of proper branding when it comes to making loyal and returning customers. Once your customer gets attached emotionally to your brand, like Apple has created a cult around its name, the customer will always come back to purchase more from you, without retargeting ads and cookies effort. 

We create the content

We create well-thought content, such as images, blogs, and videos
that can catch your potential  customer’s attention


We launch the campaigns

We launch your campaigns across multiple platforms depending on
your targeted audience, assuring the best return on investment


Reach Ideal Customers

Through our advertising campaigns, we will  identify the ideal customers and get more of  them to come to your store and purchase your products


Affiliate Marketing

After getting new customers to pruchase your products, we can
also get them to become your personal brand ambassadors, and get you a personal army of online marketers to sell your products


Access to Dedicated Experts

We have an extensive network of online markets who have been succesful on their own online stores. They will help you through the way, via chat and regular phone call, to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do to get the number of sales you deserve

Why You Need Us
  • Content Creation. We produce blog articles, videos, photos, infographics, or any other form of ‘content’ that appeals to your target audience, with the aim of attracting visitors to your website. We spend time to understand your audience, and come with a content strategy that will work best. What topic they are interested in, what makes them laugh, what information they consume? We get the answers, and then perform. 
  • Email Marketing.  Email marketing is the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. If you’re not using it effectively, you’re missing out on sales. If you have a visitor on your website and they don’t buy from you, the next best thing is to capture their email address. We create emails that increase user engagement, that promotes your products, and create the perfect landing pages, and sign up form on your website to grow your mailing list. 
  • Social Media Management. Don't get it confused. There is a right way to do social media marketing. We use the data, metrics and analytics and couple them with our sense of creativity to post content on your page that will get your customers more engaged around your brand. Our conversion rates from social media accounts are the main reasons our customers choose us. 
  • Public Relation. Getting good PR is all about having a story. Magazines, newspapers and blogs are always looking for article ideas, so we make your story is relevant to your audience. We have an extensive network ranging from simple bloggers, to news platform in which we can get your brand featured. 
  • Online Advertising. We have the experts to help you create and launch campaign that will make you the money you deserve. They have mastered Facebook advertising, and have direct contact with Facebook representatives who constantly gives us their insights on the campaigns we launch. We also look for several other advertising channels that can be relvant to your niche, such as Google adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tinder advertising etc. 
  • Affiliate Marketing. Multiply your efforts by thousands. We can easily get you an extensive number of online marketers to start selling your products for a small percentage of your profit. 

We cover all you marketing needs, so you can focus on your passion and the creative side of it.
Create the product, let us market it.

What is in the package:

Social Media Management

We will manage, optimize and grow every aspect of your social media presence to remind more customers of your brand, and to create a community around your business

Email Marketing

We couple strong landing pages, with effective emails to increase overall conversion rates. We increase click-through rates and boost user engagment through the emails

Customer Relation Management

Besides from getting you the leads, we will manage them, to make sure you do not lose any possibilities to sell and to maintain customer satisfaction inctact

Marketing Content Creation

Our technicality coupled with our sense of culture and creativity allows us to create content that represents best your brand and catch your customers' attention

Smart Advertising

We will launch campaigns across several platforms, analyze the results and constantly improve in getting you more sales, and then engage in retargeting advertisements. 

Access to Designated Expert

We will assign you a online marketing expert who has been succesfull in his own online sotre, to speerhead your campaigns, and he will be giving free informative consultation

Let the magic begin

It is time for you to invest in your business as much as you love it. Get an expert to help you engage a real online marketing strategy that will bring you results and money that will help you grow. We can increase exponentially your number of customers, and how big you company can get. Let us work together


We have recently started our Your Size, Your Fit
program that is designed to allow your company to have  a tailored digital marketing strategy and pricing with us. 

This will help you cut down significantly your expense, as we will offer you service that goes with your budget. 


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