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The term "sales funnel" is probably already familiar to you and you've probably seen this type of chart or chart several times already.
But when it comes to applying all these concepts to your business when you are preparing a new activity, you can very well discover that everything that seemed clear to you suddenly becomes more confused.
In its most basic form, a sales funnel is simply the path your buyers take as they approach you or approach your products, from the most expensive to least expensive (usually). You're always looking for your ideal target client, so even if you're trying to pinpoint your content as accurately as possible to generate leads, you know you'll need to refine it even more, through various tests and trial and error. Studying the journey your customers take is far from useless, even if this realization is not necessarily easy to understand at first glance. Indeed, you would think that all customers will have the same buying process and, in a way, it is not completely wrong! But if you take a closer look, your customers have different profiles and different and diverse needs.

Are sale funnels efficient?

  •  Nowadays, it is easy to calculate the impact of each advertisement. Thanks to the funnel of conversion, we can evaluate each advertising medium in order to know which one contributes the most to our sales
  • We can then take action to increase the profitability of our marketing campaigns by eliminating unprofitable investments and increasing those who really earn profits.
  • The funnel of conversion is an essential element to the management of a website or a company site. Indeed, its implementation is recommended to analyze the performance of a site, regardless of the final goal set.
  • Using the funnel will allow you to put all the chances on your side and optimize your conversion rate. It displays graphically and in real time the state of your sales process, while taking into account the number of prospects lost in each cycle.

There are generally 3 main phases to a sales funnel, each phase can accommodate several marketing stages. The first, the "Top Of The Tunnel", in the marketing jargon "TOFU", will characterize all the leads that will seek to know your company and learn about their issues and needs.

The second level of the funnel aims to transform the leads obtained during the first, into real prospects. And that usually goes through a little more education of your targets to help them accumulate all the information needed to make their decision to buy.

The last level is one that allows a qualified prospect to be converted into a real customer. It is essential because it is this step that allows the prospect to be convinced of the adequacy between the products offered by the company and its specific needs.

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Customer Loyalty

We help you secure customers through special offers Various Improvements, Opportunities for "Customers only, opportunities for affiliates (eg contests) Social networking sites, newsletters or videos for clients.


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